“Pressure on nerves causes irritation and tension with deranged functions as a result. Why not release the pressure? Why not adjust the cause instead of treating the effects? Why not?” – Dr. D.D. Palmer


Dr. Ryan Gutierrez is trained and proficient in the Activator Technique. He is Advanced Proficiency Rated and attends continuing educations hours every year to stay up to date on the latest research and findings. Activator Technique is a very gentle, low force technique that does not use the conventional twisting and “popping” you typically associate with in chiropractic. A hand held instrument is used to allow Dr. Ryan to only adjust the areas that need to me adjusted, in addition to working on the corresponding attaching muscles. This technique helps him to know where to adjust, when to adjust and when not to adjust an area on a patient. Activator Technique also allows Dr. Ryan to work on extremities such as elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and jaws (for TMJ issues).

Chiropractic Care For Children

Why do infants and children need chiropractic care? For so many reasons! The first trauma we will experience in life is being born. Even the most natural and gentle deliveries will cause subluxations (misalignments) in their spine, especially in their necks. This can lead to difficulty in nursing, latching on, colic, constipation, diarrhea, excessive spitting up, difficulty sleeping, and more. A gentle, low-force Chiropractic adjustment will help correct that subluxation and restore proper nerve function in the body, allowing the body to heal itself and function without interference.

As children start to crawl, pull themselves up and eventually walk, their bodies will experience many falls and small traumas/injuries on a daily basis, causing subluxations again. Chiropractic adjustments will help to correct those subluxations, allowing their bodies to function without impingement on their nerve function.

As children get older, they may become involved in sports. Every practice they have and game they participate in will open the door for more subluxations. Adolescents will also have to have their bodies adapt to sitting even more for school and homework time. When they start to get tired, their posture loses its proper form, causing them to slouch more. This constant slouching puts extra strain on the body, particularly the neck and mid-back. Chiropractic adjustments will work to correct those subluxations, allowing the nerve system to function properly and help to improve their posture.

Chiropractic care is vital for all children. Regular Chiropractic care will help allow the body to function at its optimal level. Many children who receive regular Chiropractic adjustments will often experience the benefit of a healthy and high functioning immune system as well!

Chiropractic Care For Adults

Through our everyday lives our bodies will be affected by thoughts, traumas and toxins. Our thoughts can be positive or negative. Those negative thoughts cause stress in our bodies, which can lead to tightness and subluxations (misalignments) in our spines. Traumas can be small or large injuries that we may incur from time to time. They can be major like a car accident, or more minor like stepping off a curb wrong. Those impacts on the body will cause subluxations as well. Toxins can come from medications, to the foods you eat, to the beauty products you put on your skin. They can all impact the body’s ability to function optimally. Regular Chiropractic care can help remove those subluxations and allow your body to thrive with a healthy nerve system.

Dr. Ryan Gutierrez adjusts utilizing the Activator Technique. This technique uses a small, hand-held instrument to help perform the adjustment. The protocol he follows tells him when to adjust, where to adjust, and when not to adjust. This allows him to give a very precise and specific adjustment to only the areas that are subluxated. It also gives him the advantage of adjusting extremities (shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, etc.) more easily for the patient. Another benefit of the Activator Technique as that is does not have they typical twisting, pushing, and “popping” you might experience with other methods. It also allows the patient to relax a little more while receiving his/her treatment, often resulting in the adjustment holding better.

Pregnant Women

Most women will experience discomfort at some point during her pregnancy. Her body is constantly changing, her hips are preparing for delivery and her low back curve becomes more exaggerated due to the growing belly and baby. Regular Chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy can help to keep her every changing body in proper alignment. This can eventually lead to a more comfortable pregnancy and transition her body to be ready for a smoother, and potentially shorter, delivery time.

*Should a patient request or need a manual adjustment, Dr. Ryan is also trained in the Palmer Package adjusting techniques. This includes Diversified, Thompson Drop Technique, Gonstead, and Toggle Technique. His main focus of these techniques are Diversified and Thompson Drop Technique.


Kinesiology tape method that is used to help increase athletic performance and reduce recovery time following an injury. It can also be used to help prevent an injury due to instability in a certain area of the body. RockTape focuses on taping to allow proper movement of muscles, but still providing support and stability. Dr. Ryan is Facial Movement Taping Levels 1 & 2 certified. He can apply tape for the patient in our office. You may also purchase RockTape and RockSauce directly from our office for at home application as well. Rock tape is a fantastic kinesiotape product that can help assist in the healing of an injury, prevent a future injury in a weakened area of the body, and aid in reducing swelling. Dr. Ryan Gutierrez received his FMT 1&2 (Facial Movement Technique) certification in 2014 to learn how to properly apply and treat his patients with Rock Tape. This method of taping focuses on allowing the body to still function with full range of motion while giving the injured area support. Rock Tape application, in addition to regular Chiropractic adjustments, can help a patient to recover from an injury more quickly. For more information on RockTape, click here.


What makes custom orthotics different than the ones you can buy at the store? They are made specifically for the needs of YOUR feet to support all three arches in your plantar vault. Utilizing the latest technology, we use the Foot Levelers 3D Body View Imaging System to accurately map your foot. By ensuring that you have a level base to stand on, the rest of your body will follow. Custom orthotics, in conjunction with your chiropractic adjustments, will allow your body to heal and hold your adjustments better. Custom orthotics are key to providing a proper base for your body. Utilizing our Foot Levelers 3D foot scanner, we can get an exact picture of your Plantar Vault to see how the three arches of your feet are holding up. Once the scan is complete, a very clear and concise Report of Findings will be presented to you. When you order a pair of your custom orthotics, you can experience the benefits of having a level base to stand on all day. By having a level base, the rest of the body will start to follow. For more information on Foot Levelers and the types of orthotics, shoes, sandals and flip flops available, click here. To view a video about the Foot Levelers 3D scan, click here.