What Our Patients Say

  • “My first visit was in Aug 2012 when I had bad foot pain.  Dr. Ryan’s treatment cured all the pain within weeks and now with my Foot Levelers Orthotics (purchased in 2014), my feet have never been happier.  Pain-free is a great way to live.  Thanks Dr. Ryan and Heather for three years of better health and happy feet.” – Judy J.
  • “Because of many injuries in the past, I benefit greatly from adjustments every two weeks, and will continue to be a patient.  I’m glad Dr. Ryan is much younger than me as I have plans to get adjustments for the rest of my life – his method is gentle and safe for someone with osteoporosis and osteopenia.” – Theresa H.
  • “I came in with sore muscles all over my body. Now, muscle soreness has almost entirely disappeared even though I now exercise more. I walk much easier now, 5-10 miles some days.” – Guy H.
  • “We both suffer from chronic back pain. Dr. Ryan’s gentle form of chiropractic works best for us. No more turning, twisting, joint popping for us!” – Peggy & Jim A.
  • “My son Chad started receiving adjustments from Dr. Ryan because he was a 6’3” fourteen year old that was experiencing a lot of neck and back pain from growing so fast.  We have seen several improvements with chiropractic care.  He no longer has the neck & back pain that he once had.  He sleeps well and has less problems with his vision.  Dr. Ryan also used Rocktape on Chad’s back to improve his posture.  I have since bought Rocktape from FFC and Chad will actually ask me to tape his back to help him correct his posture.” – Jennifer G.
  • “My daughter, Kyra, is a dancer.  She has danced since she was five, and is now ten.  Despite her experience, she could never do the splits and had a lot of back pain.  She is a very active girl and has had a lot of falls.  Once Dr. Ryan started working on her at age nine, she was immediately relieved of her back pain.  Through consistent adjustments her flexibility has also improved and made her an even better dancer!” – Jennifer G.
  • William was six when I brought him in to see Dr. Ryan.  I was concerned that William was still having accidents at night, every night, at his age.  I was reading about the many benefits of chiropractic care, because I had another son seeing Dr. Ryan.  I read that having a child adjusted regularly could help fix bedwetting.  I started taking William in, and after each adjustment we would see more and more improvement.  Pretty soon after, he no longer wet the bed at night!  Which not only did I get excited about but William no longer felt shame over.William recently had a sibling fall on him and hurt his back so bad that he couldn’t bend down to pick something up.  I brought him in to Dr. Ryan right away!  William was scared because he was in a lot of pain, but Dr. Ryan is so kind and made him feel very at ease.  After he was seen, William felt better and could move as normal.  As we were getting into the car, and my son was having to bend and twist to buckle up he was pain free and so happy that he said, “I love Dr. Ryan, I feel so much better!”” – Jennifer G.
  • “I had my first appointment with Dr. Ryan the day after he and Heather opened their practice. I liked his philosophy of health and just wanted to reduce the stress I was feeling from my job and feel better. Even though I am no longer hunched over a small laptop and hopping in and out of a car 20 times a day in my former job of advertising sales, I still go for a tune-up every 3 or 4 weeks. In addition to regular adjustments to my back, I also get regular adjustments of my knees. It’s all very helpful! I am 69 years old and want to stay as healthy as I am right now.” – Ann M.
  • “I started chiropractic care here in February 2011 at the end of my 1st trimester of my first pregnancy. I was experiencing a pinched sciatic nerve. After starting care, I could walk again! My ribs were also out of alignment and he was able to put them back where they belonged, allowing for easier pregnancies. I am also able to breathe and sleep better. My two children are now 2 and 4 and they have been receiving care since birth. My son was able to latch on to nurse after getting his neck adjusted from having a difficult delivery. I have also had Rock Tape applied to me during my pregnancies, which really helped my comfort level. I have since had Rock Tape applied to my ribs, and it really helped provide support while my ribs healed.” – Joy J.
  • “I started coming in for back, knee and neck issues in 2013. Everything is better now! Dr. Ryan also used Rock Tape to help with a shoulder injury I had sustained. The tape was awesome and really helped! My 4 year old daughter has also been seen due to her having hip pain. That issue is now resolved for her as well! ” – Justin P.
  • “I originally started care about 7 years ago due to chronic neck and hip pain from prior car accidents. With regular care, I am able to be pain free for longer periods of time without pain killers or over the counter medications of any kind. My time between adjustments is longer now as well. I have had Dr. Ryan use Rock Tape on my knee following ACL surgery. It really helped with returning back to normal range of functioning in a shorter amount of time. I also have a set of custom orthotics that I purchased to help with knee and hip pain. After I got my orthotics, I feel fabulous! I am able to do Zumba and Jazzercise pain free! Our 14 years old son receives care as well due to knee and ankle pain from football and soccer injuries.” – Samantha L.
  • “I have been receiving care since March 2015. I used to throw my back out ALL of the time! Since coming to Family First Chiropractic, I haven’t thrown it out once! My 16 year old and 13 year old have also been receiving care. My 16 year old was complaining of hip pain, which has now lessened tremendously with regular chiropractic care.” – Sarah G.
  • “A few years back, I had severe neck pain.  I had been to my general practitioner and received medications which helped, but did not stop the pain.  I tried a different chiropractor in northern Arizona and did not get relief.  I went to several massage  sessions..” – Billie H.
  • “I initially came to Family First Chiropractic due to sciatica problems. I now have no more pain, I have better balance, less fatigue and I can stand longer! I recently ordered a set of Foot Levelers custom orthotics as well. Prior to getting these I was off balance. I am now more grounded, stable and am more supported. My arches feel SO GOOD! I noticed a difference right away. If I am standing in my bare feet, I can tell a difference right away that I don’t have my orthotics under my feet.” – Amy M.
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